Faith-Based Consulting

Churches and Modern Christian ministries have tremendous messages for communicating the Greatest Story ever told and many have great messengers to further the kingdom, but many churches and ministries frequently experience problems in communicating that message to its maximum effectiveness or find themselves under attack and in defense mode. Churches and Christian ministries have the greatest story of hope to tell to their church, community and to the world. Our mission is to make sure that story is clearly communicated by developing a comprehensive message strategy so that it reaches its full potential in serving the cause of Christ.

O’Donnell & Associates goes beyond the normal boundaries of a PR firm to develop an organic communications strategy that continues to evolve with your ministry. Our goal isn’t to build communications effectiveness for a day’s worth of media coverage, but to develop strategies that will bring continued attention to your organization and its mission by reaching the appropriate audience through a variety of mediums.

We help you look for opportunities to communicate and anticipate and prepare you to defend your ministry through times of crisis through our whole messaging strategies. We can help your ministry and your ministry’s leadership meet the entire range of communication challenges that you face in the fast paced and ever evolving cultural, political and media climate without compromising your church or ministry’s integrity or mission.

Additionally, many large churches and ministries fail to realize or anticipate the impact that government policy will have on their organization.We have the resources and contacts to ensure your awareness of potential government policy that will impact your ministry’s activities through our government affairs practice.
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