Who We are

We believe that an effective communications strategy is the foundation of getting a candidate recognized and developing potent advocacy for outstanding ideas. Our mission is to listen and understand your needs and what the essence of the candidate is, and then to develop communications strategies, including branding that ensure that the ideas, marketing or policies are clearly communicated and built around a comprehensive message strategy.

O’Donnell & Associates goes beyond the normal boundaries of a communications strategist to develop an organic communications strategy that continues to evolve with the challenges you face. Our goal isn’t to build communications effectiveness for a day’s worth of media coverage, but to develop strategies that will bring continued attention to the candidate and their vision by reaching the appropriate audience through a variety of mediums, including candidate debates and media appearances.

We help you look for opportunities to communicate and anticipate and prepare you to defend your campaign through times of crisis through our whole messaging strategies. We can help you meet the entire range of communication challenges that you face in the fast paced and ever evolving cultural, political and media climate without compromising your integrity or vision.

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